Welcome to EUSARF 2021, Zurich, Switzerland

1 September – 3 September 2021

  • EuSARF 2021 combines two core elements of digital events:

    1. Long-term access to presentations from scientists all around the world (please see the preliminary conference programme here)

    The digital conference platform of EuSARF 2021 will be accessible to participants for at least one year from August 2021 on. The platform will feature:

    Plenary lectures by invited scholars on the topic of “The Child’s Perspective” as streamed and on-demand videos.

    Individual peer-reviewed papers as on-demand video presentations (15 min) and if available additional materials (e. g. presentations in pdf format or related project publications). 

    – On-demand featured videos, podcasts and publications co-created by and with care leavers, practitioners and renowned researchers.

    – Digital poster presentations.

    2. Three-day online conference in September 2021 (what to look forward to)

    EuSARF 2021 will take place from 1 – 3 September 2021, in form of a live digital scientific event. During the three-day online conference, an interactive online program will take place daily from 13:00 – 20:00 (CEST). The chosen time of day allows people from different time zones around the world to participate. In this time frame we will have (parallel):

    Invited Symposia and collective presentations of 90–120 min. These dialogical formats feature discussions between presenters and/or participants around a central theme on the background of the content provided earlier on the digital conference platform.

    Thematic workshops on the predefined conference topics, moderated by the conference team, in cooperation with plenary speakers or other target groups.

    Plenary discussions on the conference topic, research and practical consequences.

    Networking events, open and moderated discussions and much more.

    Most live content of the online conference will be recorded and will be made available on the platform afterwards.

    All contributing delegates and research team members will have to be registered for the conference event in order to showcase their research, videos and materials.

    Depending on the pandemic development we will leave the option open until end of June 2021, to have a meeting with a very limited number of people (EuSARF Board members and keynote speakers) by invitation – here in Zurich during the digital conference from 31 August until 3 September 2021.

    With the creativity and flexibility of all we are looking forward to a new and unique format for the EuSARF 2021 conference and community!


  • An extended Call for paper has been published on the conference webpage (please check here)
  • From 1 February – 28 February 2021, there will be a period for
    a) confirming (or withdrawing) papers that have been already accepted
    b) updating and/or revising papers
    c) submitting new papers
    At the end of January we will provide a detailed manual how to confirm, withdraw, revise and submit papers!
  • As from April 2021 on conference registration will be open
  • Before 10 July 2021 videos and materials for the platform must be provided. Note: only content from registered delegates will in the end be featured on the digital conference platform.

It is with great pleasure that the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences will be hosting the XVI European Scientific Association on Residential & Family Care for Children and Adolescents (EUSARF) Conference in ZURICH, from 31 August – 3 September 2021.

The Organizing Committee and the EUSARF Committee Board are looking forward to an exciting conference. We welcome you to join!

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland – located in the heart of Europe – offers an excellent setting for the EUSARF conference 2021. The city is not only known as the country’s economic and cultural hub, but also for its famous old town, the beautiful lake and the magnificent mountain view, making it also a charming and fascinating place for tourists and visitors.

Acknowledging and understanding “The perspective of the child” in practice and research in the area of child and youth welfare has become a core issue for advancing social work.
The challenges and opportunities that arise from this fundamental task are the focus of the XVI international EUSARF Conference.

The EUSARF 2021 Conference is organized in partnership with Amt für Jugend und Berufsberatung (AJB) Kanton Zürich, PACH and INTEGRAS.

Amt für Jugend und Berufsberatung (AJB) Kanton Zürich